Armstrong Labs provide wireless solutions for remote work-sites, metro or office and remote properties such as cattle stations.

Our solutions utilize WiFi mesh and Point to Point wireless connections to provide reliable coverage over large areas and connect outlying buildings back to the main areas using point to point technology.

By deploying an outdoor WiFi mesh you and your staff will be able to stay connected to the network or internet in and between building. Deploying a WiFi mesh also allows connecting IT networks, security or  telephony systems together all on the same network without having to dig trenches to lay cable which can be prohibitively expensive on longer runs.

Our solutions can be deployed quickly and at very competitive prices compared to fixed line infrastructure.

Optionally a ticket access system can be deployed to manage user access, quotas and speed for all users or just visitors.

We tailor our Wireless solutions to suit your specific requirment.

Our WiFi mesh systems can host multiple networks simultaneously and incorporate a ticket access system for guests. Ticketing systems can also have billing integrated to recuperate costs of providing the service, common deployments for ticketing systems are hotel and caravan park WiFi access.

Point to Point network links act as a transparent bridge to join together two physically separate networks to share resources, we can provide connectivity from 1-10KM with line of site and up to Gigabit speed.

Our Point to Point network solutions can connect two locations with line of sight from up to 10KM with speeds of up to 1Gbps. Radios can be provided that operate in 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and 24Ghz “free” bands.

We can deliver point to point links stand-alone or as part of a larger wireless network deployment. Active monitoring can also be provided to manage the service.