Armstrong Labs understands how specialiased a server environment can be. As such, we provide backups of servers in their entirety using bare metal imaging. This includes files, email and all Line Of Business applications. This method maintains a full local and offsite backup, enabling rapid restores from the local storage and full disaster recovery from the offsite archive.

We provide a fully managed and automated service, our clients are promptly notified of any irregularities or skipped backups.

We have the capability to perform scheduled test restores of the server environment from bare metal, in an isolated sandbox offsite. These tests validate the local and remote archives and that the server is fully recoverable at all times.

The loss of data is highly inconvenient. It can both be costly to recover and damaging to a business’ reputation.

Data loss can happen in many ways:

  • Accidentally deleting, or saving incorrect information over an existing file
  • Hackers and malware
  • File corruption
  • Physical damage
  • Theft of equipment

Our smart backup software runs transparently on any windows servers or VMware host servers. Our software retains multiple versions of all files so they may be retrieved in the event of them being deleted or overwritten. Individual emails and files can be retrieved withot needing to restore the entire server. Testing backup validity is completed offsite without interrupting the business or production systems

Data is accessible from our archives 24/7. In the unfortunate event of total data loss, we provide a full copy of stored files on a portable disk if needed. We can deliver them in person or ship via tracked delivery.